We all need a Good Job Button

You know how you are doing something amazing and no one notices? Or you did a fantastic act of patience and kindness, but it went unappreciated? Not every good deed or action gets a reward. That’s not how life is, but it’s always a wonderful feeling when you do get a “good job” or sincere “thank you.” Buttons are a lot like that, except add a hug warm fuzzy hug, a crazy goofy dance around the room and a glitter filled hi-five! That’s a button. 

Buttons started as a getting to know you project with molds, and the idea took shape in my mind when I was getting ready for bed one night. I think everyone should get a little appreciation for a job well done. 

The colors and styles are a constant source of inspiration to me. Each month with all the fabulous glitter being delivered to the Swag Shack, I see potential and craft awesomeness in each sparkling drop. I may see a cup on the group that inspires me, or a fleeting moment of nature, or a phone call from a friend, or I may just jump up in the middle of the night and say I gotta make buttons right now! 

When I started my facebook page I wanted to acknowledge everyone who was on this journey with me. I started with a few friends and family and some dedicated crafters and I wanted them to know how much I appreciated them and am daily inspired by their creations and thoughtfulness. LL&R is a company that is centered on empowerment and helping each crafter achieve their potential. I think it’s imperative we acknowledge this in every way possible. 


Regular buttons are awarded to members who go above and beyond by helping other members.  These buttons are given to the top 10 most helpful members each month. Me and my team of moderators are always watching the posts in the group and pick the most helpful and kind. When a member is spotted sharing a game changing tip or hack that even I am not aware of we award a button! 

If you share your tumblers on our page and I get to see your awesome growth and achievement in crafting I like to award buttons to recognize how hard you have been working on perfecting your skills. A golden button is awarded if I see a tumbler, an act of kindness or something that is out of the box and blows her socks off. Swag bag buttons! These will be randomly placed in swag bag orders.

Buttons are my way of saying “Hey great job! I see your hard work and your kind heart!’ and I want you to know I am happy dancing with you around the workshop and appreciating all you do everyday!


“Buttons are a token of appreciation from Summer for the LL&R members. When awarded a button, members include the buttons in the pictures they post as recognition of their achievement within the group. They are beautiful and highly sought after but time consuming to make and each design is limited.”
- Tish Dawn

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