It all started with Bees

When I started making tumblers, I was in love with Bees. Amazing little creatures and so important to our environment. I like how they regenerate life from flower to flower. Just flying along doing their thing. I wanted to learn all the techniques and tricks of tumbler making so I set the challenge for myself to design and make beautiful meaningful bee tumblers.

My original Etsy shop started with my Bee Tumblers. I wanted to start reaching more customers at that point so I started making custom shirts as well. As I developed my new found crafting talents, I decided to go full steam ahead and sell tumblers, custom clothing and tumbler decals. LittleLee and Rose started as Three Little Birds Etsy shop.  I specialized in triplet mom gear and a few tumblers. 

I changed the name when I realized that I was not really meeting my potential and family goals. My family is a huge, huge part of my life and I want all of them recognized.

However, I could not name my shop IvanZeliaVeraJettMommaPoppaBainFreshy. LittleLee and Rose was truly born and I started selling my custom made items on a regular basis.

My Etsy shop got really busy and I was making cups and custom tees everyday to fill orders. I knew it was aa big deal when I got my first order from Australia and my business just took off. 


It was then at my busiest time that someone reached out to me and asked me how I made my Bee tumbler. I couldn’t explain all the steps correctly in text so I made her a video. 

I posted it to YouTube and was amazed at how many views the video had and people were asking me questions. So I made another and another and my true passion was realized. I love teaching my craft! 

So I closed up the Etsy shop and focused on making tutorials. My YouTube station was born and well the rest is history. I am forever amazed at how it all happened so fast and so crazy. I constantly ask myself “How did I get here?” Just in awe of the wonderful people in this crafting community and the support I receive on a daily basis is just phenomenal! 

When people ask me how I got started with tumblers, I can honestly say it was all about the bees. One just flew my way and sent me onto a different path that has been so rewarding and fulfilling. God Bless bees!


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