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Crafting is my outlet, where I go to “exhale” and just be in the moment. It’s a beautiful thing to find a hobby that just calms your soul, and an even more beautiful thing to realize that you have a gift for teaching (and understand the rewards of doing so.) LittleLee and Rose has helped me find my peace. This is my place and this is where I fit! I truly hope that my story can inspire others to find their peace and where they belong - and hopefully, provide a soft place to land in a community full of love and support.

In 2016, my life flipped upside-down and squashed me like a bug. I gave birth to TRIPLET girls - and no book, blog or army of loved ones can prepare you for the around-the-clock exhaustion, uncertainty and soul-pounding demand and isolation that triplet newborns can enforce on a mother - or a family for that matter. It felt endless and repetitive, like a hamster wheel of chaos, crying, diapers, puke and unreciprocated “give, give, give”.

My husband saw me breaking down and encouraged me (read: forced me) to take “me” time before I spiraled into the darkness. I went into my craft room and let my mind and my hands take me away. It was amazing. Almost instantly, my stress was lifted and there was a calm in this little crafting world that allowed me to escape the insanity for just a short time.

LittleLee and Rose literally started as my “self care”, but the beautiful things I was creating opened up a new community of like-minded people that encouraged me, inspired me and challenged me to push the envelope of crafting and start experimenting with epoxy and molds and other exotic mediums. It taught me how to balance being an incredible mother and a creator, teacher and businesswoman.

Like many, I started in a tiny space playing with cups, paints and epoxy. When I experimented with a 3D geode cup, it went viral, which was incredibly gratifying. Then I followed it up with a super sparkly bumble bee cup - viral again. There was an audience that cared about my crafts, so I dove-in - head first- learning the ins and outs of Youtube, Facebook Groups, subscription models, TikTok, web development, video editing - ahhh, I had to (and still have to) teach myself so many new things.

Now, three years later, LittleLee and Rose has expanded and my triplets absolutely LOVE that mommy’s job is GLITTER!!!!!!!!

It is everywhere in our house and they think that is pretty fantastic. I’m really proud that they will grow up watching their mom pursue a dream and achieve it! I want my daughters to understand and appreciate hard work and know that you can do something you absolutely love. I am so fortunate to be able to share this experience with them and the LittleLee and Rose crafting community that we’ve built together.