Virtual Baby Shower - Glitterati Style

You all have been following along as Summer has been growing Baby Bette in her belly for the past 9 months.  Well, we're 2 weeks away from delivery so we thought it was time for a little fun.  Since our Glitterati village is so big, spanning multiple countries and continents, we wanted to give you all an opportunity to participate in Summer's virtual baby shower, complete with PRIZES! 

While we were hoping to have a baby shower on camera, but this baby is coming early and let's just say, pregnancy has proven to be much harder in your mid-forties.  Summer has about 3 "good" hours in her each day and I need that brain-power for content strategy and purchasing... lol.

With that being said, let's have a little fun at Summer and Baby Bette's expense.  Please join us in our Facebook Group or Instagram to enter your answers to the following questions by 10AM CT on February 26th, 2024.

  • What is the circumference of Summer's GIANT baby bump? (in inches)
  • What will Baby Bette weigh in at? (In pounds and ounces)
  • What will Baby Bette's length be? (in Inches)
  • Which triplet will be the first to hold Baby Bette solo? (Vera, Zelia or Jett)

We are playing by Price Is Right rules, people. Closest to the number without going over wins.  We anticipate there will be a few ties, so we have also prepared a tie breaker question...

How many minutes will Summer be in a hospital gown during her hospital stay? (Equalizer Hint: She is having a C-section).

If anyone guesses all 4 questions exactly correct, you will win a $100 LittleLee and Rose gift card, just like reaching in to Bob Barker's pocket for an "on the nose" bid.

So really, there are 2 chances to win.

  1. Get the most right and win the tiebreaker, if necessary to win a $100 LittleLee and Rose Gift Card
  2. Guess all 4 questions on the nose to win a $100 LittleLee and Rose Gift Card

We're so grateful to share this community of love, creativity and friendship with all of you and we're looking forward to introducing you to Baby Bette.

Don't forget to submit your answers on our instagram page @LittleLeeandRose  or The LittleLee and Rose Tumbler and Epoxy Art Facebook Group for your entry to be valid.

1 entry per person. Closest to the number without going over on all questions succeeds. One overall winner. $100 LittleLee and Rose giftcard has a $.01 cash value. Entries must be submitted before 10AM CT on 2/26/24. While supplies last. Quantities Limited. Don't be a jerk. This is supposed to be fun. Legal language is annoying (but necessary).

In glitter we trust. Welcome Baby Bette!

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