Make me LOVE this glitter!

Make Me Love This Glitter (MMLTG) started one hot day in Swag City while Summer and her team were packing glitter in sweaty August! While packing Swag, they came across "Frank". Neither of them were particularly inspired by Frank, and they wondered if anyone else would love Frank. It gets a little fuzzy from there on who actually came up with the game, but that's the origin of how you all helped us love all glitter - no matter what shape, color or texture.

The game was easy! All you had to do was fill out a form with your "Facebook" name, email address, shipping address, and the reason you wanted to play!

We had more than 200 people sign up for the first round!!!! Summer and the Mods picked 5 people, and sent glitter. They had 15 days to make ANYTHING they wanted, they just had to showcase "Frank".



Our wonderful Facebook mods then create a poll, with JUST the pictures and the one with the most votes wins! The prize is small, a mention in the blog post (this one will mention both our winners from August and Sept!) and a MASSIVE bag of glitter from Summer.


We had originally been releasing sign ups for MMLTG on the 15th of every month, but it was too hard to do with Swag on the 15th, so we took off the month of October to shift to starting on the 1st of every month! Check out our Facebook group to see when the next MMLTG contest is!

We are looking forward to announcing our November "Holiday Round" featuring Stephen! Our winner from August was Dallas Spann, and she won with the HAZMAT cup, featuring Frank! Our September winner was Billie Jo Kilgore, featuring Sonny, with her mermaid cup! Take a peek at their GORGEOUS creations, featured below!


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