Glitter Gives Back is one of the primary reasons that I created LittleLee and Rose. Every step of the way, angels – by way of friends, family, community members and kind strangers - have helped this business grow beyond my wildest dreams. Who would have thought that tumblers, glitter and craft projects intended to keep me sane, would skyrocket into a community that would help so many others?

Glitter Gives Back is a program that I created to give back to others in need of a little kindness.  It was first created to help out families with babies in the NICU. Our NICU Glitter Gives Back glitter is named, Payton.  Payton is a beautiful, fine white glitter.  The pure white color choice was intentional as the proceeds of Payton support NICU initiatives.  It’s no secret that LittleLee and Rose is named after my amazing NICU triplets, Jett Little, Zelia Lee and Vera Rose. The nurses and family support programming at the hospital were a blessing on many levels. When a family gives birth to babies significantly premature, they are unprepared for the hospital stay, bills, visitation, and expenses associated with preemies – did you know you have to get a special car seat because preemies are so small? You do, and try doing that times three!  Thus, the Payton Glitter Gives Back program uses all of the proceeds from the sale of Payton to support 501c-3 programming available through NICUs.

The second glitter in our Glitter Gives Back program is Christmas presents for families in need during the holidays. We custom mix a glitter named Quentin, a gorgeous Christmas tree-green and rich, red chunky mix that we sell for $5 on All of the proceeds from the Glitter Gives Back Quentin glitter were put into a separate account and were used to purchase Christmas presents for 17 families in 2019. The program was so successful, that we will definitely continue it to 2020.

With the success of the Quentin Glitter Gives Back drive, we expanded the program to provide service dogs to people in need. In 2019, LittleLee and Rose purchased a German Shepherd service dog named Freya, as well as a crate, dog bed, service vest, food and toys for a military veteran. We were overjoyed that we were able to help in such a significant way and thus the Troy Glitter Gives Back drive was established.  Troy is a beautiful and vibrant fine cut, metallic blue glitter. These highly trained dogs are very expensive, so the Troy Glitter Gives Back drive will likely be an annual or biannual award.

We are so happy to be able to give back to our community in such an impactful way.  We encourage you to support our Glitter Gives Back program by purchasing Quentin, Troy and Payton all year long.  Whether the glitter is for personal use, or gifted to a friend, we would love your support. Use them on a tumbler, craft project or just gift them in the bag. These glitters make excellent present toppers for your favorite nurse, veteran, crafter or new mom. 

You can find Quentin, Troy and Payton on LittleLee and Rose’s Glitter Gives Back page on and can share your creations and participate in our crafting community on our Facebook page, LittleLee and Rose Tumblers and More, Instagram @LittleLeeandRose or on TikTok @LittleLeeandRose.  Also, check out and subscribe to our YouTube Channel, LittleLee and Rose.

Thank you for supporting us at LittleLee and Rose, we look forward to giving back to the community in partnership with you.

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