LittleLee and Rose Rewards Local Nurses

September is NICU awareness month.  So the timing is perfect to tell you all about a super fun Glitter Gives Back distribution that we did last month.

LittleLee and Rose team members dropped-in to the Sharp Mary Birch NICU to reward the doctors and nurses with appreciation, love and of course, tumblers. Our Glitter Gives Back program reserves the proceeds from 3 glitters, Quentin, Troy and Payton to give-back to our community and support families in need.

The Payton glitter is a pure white, fine cut glitter that is sold for $5 on All of the proceeds from that glitter went toward our Glitter Gives Back distribution and wow, the Glitterati came through – with a fury.  Our LittleLee and Rose community, (which we affectionately refer to as “The Glitterati”) purchased over 500 bags of Payton Glitter!

We were able to award the Sharp Healthcare Foundation’s NICU Navigator program at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital in San Diego a check for $3000!  Plus, we had oodles and oodles of goodies for each of the nurses, doctors and NICU staff as well.

About a month prior to our visit, we reached out to the Glitterati with a Tumbler challenge. Over 50 members volunteered, and 10 were selected by random draw to submit a nurse-themed tumbler using LittleLee and Rose Payton glitter. The winner, Andrea Schattak, as voted on by our Facebook group, LittleLee and Rose Tumblers and More received a ridiculous amount of glitter for her amazing zipper, Nursing is a work of heart tumbler.

The LL&R Glitterati are amazing and over a dozen additional members sent custom tumblers, necklaces, keychains, “ear-saver” mask holders, bracelets, pens, pop sockets, earrings and masks. We delivered over 250 presents for the hospital staff in addition to the $3000 cash donation!

Although we visited the hospital in the midst of Covid-19, we were able to show our appreciation while respecting physical distancing policies and protocols.  Our entire team, showed up in matching LittleLee and Rose masks, LittleLee and Rose ‘The Glitter Made Me Do It’ t-shirts and with a host of prepackaged treats, coffee and tea to provide a little respite from long shifts.

The nurses came down in shifts to select their favorite cups and we were able to show the appreciation of our members and our staff for all of their hardwork – during Covid and otherwise.

This Glitter Gives Back Payton donation was another reminder of what an amazing community we have created.  The LittleLee and Rose Glitterati are generous, thoughtful and kind.  They never cease to remind me how lovely it is to be surrounded by good people- a village, if you will, of people inspired to teach, learn and share their amazing creativity and generosity for the good of everyone around them.  I feel lucky every day to be surrounded by the Glitterati, but today, today, I was proud and overwhelmed in the very best way possible.

Thank you all for being a part of this amazing glitter community.  Thank you for your kindness, generosity and continued support for our amazing glitter and crafting supplies.  There are more amazing things to come, and we can’t wait to share them with you. 

Join the Glitterati and share your favorite LittleLee and Rose Payton creation on our Facebook page, LittleLee and Rose Tumblers and more and tag/follow us on Instagram and TikTok @littleleeandrose. Watch our Payton Glitter Gives Back donation on YouTube, here. 


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