Glitterati Acts of Kindness - Sean

Glitterati, you guys have done it again!  This group never ceases to amaze me with your generosity and outpouring of support for this community.  Last month, I received an email from a friend about a family that had been hit hard by circumstances caused by Covid-19. Suddenly, due to Covid-19, this family lost their job and incurred a mountain of struggles that was trying their faith. 

Particularly touching to me was their need for a car seat for their child – done.  That was a no brainer – it was something that LittleLee and Rose could easily assist with, and I was happy to do so.  The family was super surprised and super grateful, but their plight nagged at me at night.  What if this happened to my family or my best friend, I would want to do more – and I could do more.

The next morning, I went into my Mad Scientist Laboratory at the LittleLee and Rose warehouse and grabbed several bags of glitter.  I was intent on creating a custom glitter named after this family’s son, Sean, and donate the proceeds to the family.  It was a small gesture on my part, but I wanted to help out, and maybe the Glitterati would too. So, I mixed a couple pounds of custom Sean glitter and posted them on the website for $5 per ounce and went live to tell the members about Sean, our newest custom glitter color.

Lost wages, lost health insurance and lost hope are no obstacles for the LIttleLee and Rose Tumblers and More Facebook group.  Within 30 minutes, the Glitterati had purchased all of the Sean glitter.  I was overwhelmed – again – by the generosity of this community.

That night, I received a note from Sean’s mom, unbeknownst to me, she was actually a member of our LittleLee and Rose Tumblers and More Facebook group. She had joined 4 months prior to create a second income for her family using the skills learned on our YouTube channel and products purchased from to create her own small business.

What were the chances, that the random stranger this group helped to support, was actually one of our 30,000 members?  Slim for sure, but also serendipitous. Day after day, on my lives, people were asking how they could get Sean.  Everyone had heard about it and everyone wanted to contribute. Since it was a custom mix, I only had a limited supply, but I was able to find a few more pounds of the proper glitters to recreate the custom Sean mix.

The following day, I added the last of the Sean custom mix glitter to the Glitter Gives Back portion of the website and we sold out within a week!  Sean and his family were gifted $1000 and a brand new car seat purely due to the generosity of our members.

 You never cease to amaze me, Glitterati.  Check out all of the Sean cups created by our members by searching #glittergivesbacksean on our Facebook group, Instagram or TikTok.

Join the glitterati by visiting us on Instagram or TikTok @littleleeandrose or on our Facebook group, LIttleLee and Rose Tumblers and More.  We go live daily between 3-4PM PST, where we teach new skills, share stories and of course give away free glitter and LittleLee and Rose products.



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