LittleLee and Rose is on Snapchat!

Hey Guys!  We wanted to let you all know that LittleLee and Rose has expanded our social media presence once again!  You all know that you can find our tips, tricks, tutorials and live mixes on our Facebook Group, LittleLee and Rose Tumbler and Epoxy Art.  You can also see us live on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube @Littleleeandrose.  And of course, there is always our helpful content on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest… but now we are also doing tutorials on two different Snapchat channels!

Just Crafts (formerly LittleLee and Rose) on Snapchat features helpful tips, tricks, hacks and tutorials on trending cup tutorials.  From V-split cups, to peek-a-boos and mad science laboratory cups, we’ve curated all kinds of fun techniques for your entertainment and education. 

Snapchat Just Crafts QR

Superfly DIY is our “everything else” channel.  Summer teaches you how to level up your keychains, make awesome beach-themed cutting boards, create magic out of junk and even build larger furniture projects.  It’s a one-stop-shop for out-of-the-box ideas and truly digs through the best of her mad science laboratory brain.

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We know adding more social media platforms can be scary, but look how much fun it is to fall into the TikTok worm hole…LOL.  Snapchat isn’t just disappearing photos anymore, there is some really great short form content in the discover feed that helps you explore other creators while allowing LittleLee and Rose the opportunity to expand our audience base internationally.  75% of 13-18-year-olds around the world use Snapchat, so this is a great portal to reach a new audience. We've already generated over 50M minutes viewed since we've started...see it's good stuff!

This is content you won’t find on our group page, so we encourage you to check out our Snapchat channels, Superfly DIY and Just Crafts!

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