January 2023 BattleBox Winners

Each month, LittleLee and Rose hosts a battlebox challenge.  Battleboxes are a collection of themed projects usually including a tumbler, multiple glitters, waterslides and an accessory, mold or trinket to incorporate.  We provide guidelines for the challenge to keep the playing field even and let our Glitterati loose to create something amazing within 30 days. This challenge is just as much about creativity as it is time management.  

LittleLee and Rose Battleboxes go on sale at 6PM CT on the 7th of each month and we usually announce that month’s favorites between the 8th-10th of the following month.

Our favorites each month receive either a $50 or $25 gift card towards a future purchase on the LittleLee and Rose website.  We try to pick 3 of our top favorites and 3 honorable mentions each month – but let’s be honest, with so many entries, we can rarely narrow it down to 6.

We are blown away each month buy the creativity and innovation that you, the Glitterati, present.  You truly create designs that are beyond our wildest dreams. So, we wanted to create a post that congratulates some of our most recent winners… and I’ll try to keep up with the blog and showcase the winners every couple of months.


We decided to bring you something brand new!! This month, we want to see your best interpretation of “Message in a Bottle”! You are receiving one bottle mold with three corks, a light base to make your bottle shine, iridescent butterfly shape glitter and four waterslides. #LLRMessageInABottle

  • Winners: Deb Schlaud, April Salonga, Courtney Morgan-Schultz 
  • Honorable Mention: Tammy Merricks Reasner, Becky Kenyon, Brandy Mulhare

Artist: Deb Schlaud

Artist: April Salonga

Aritst: Courtney Morgan-SchultzArtist Tammy Merricks Reasner

Artist: Becky Kenyon

Artist: Brandy Mulhare

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