Glitter Gives Back Feeds a Local Family

The LittleLee and Rose Glitterati has done it again.  With the generosity and support of our incredible glitter family, we were able to help a local family in need.  Earlier this month, Summer saw a post online from a family with 6 children looking for an open food bank and she stepped into action.  No questions asked, she met up with the family at a local grocery store to fill their bellies for the next few days and then she offered to auction a cup.

From there, you guys blew us away with an outpouring of support for this family in need through our Glitter Gives Back program. The more we learned about this family, the more we wanted to help. It all began with a live auction...

This auction cup was a beautiful lotus flower cup.  It started out with a beautiful vanilla sparkle base and was topped off with lavender and deep purple overlapping lotus flowers and a waterslide that read, “I decide my vibe”. Not only did this cup raise over $1000, but nearly a dozen members that did not win the cup, still contributed independently through private donations. 

Seeing the number of bids going out and the participation of so many members, we decided to also do a silent auction on Facebook and YouTube.   We auctioned off a beautiful deep purple 20 oz tumbler made with LittleLee and Rose printed vinyl and beautiful bronze leaves using double sided adhesive sheets. After, 3 days and nearly 25 bids, the cup went for $400 to Lisa Corby.

Finally, Summer opened up a 3rd avenue for one last push at donations with the Glitter Sister Gift Cards.  We sell Glitter Sister gift cards every day at LittleLee and Rose.  Glitter Sister Gift Cards allow member to purchase $5 and $10 gift cards to surprise a fellow member with a gift card in their email inbox, it’s kind of our version of paying it forward.  Sometimes members send Glitter Sister gift cards to designated recipients and other times, they ask us to bless someone anonymously in the group.  For this last push, Summer matched all Glitter Sister gift card proceeds with an equal contribution to the family.  So by gifting your Glitter Sisters (and brothers), you also gifted this family in need. 

This family was overwhelmed with your generosity and your contributions enabled them to feed their family for several weeks and supplied them with reliable transportation so they were able to continue working, providing and trying to get ahead for their family.

We’re so grateful to be able to support our community and each other.  We actually got to spend a significant amount of time with them after the fact, as we also hosted their children for the triplet’s birthday party last August!

Thank you all for your generosity, kindness and creativity.  We love being able to pay the love forward and help each other. 

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