How do I find the status of my package?

Check your email! When we ship your package out, you will receive a tracking number from either USPS or UPS. You can track your package on their websites using the tracking number provided. If orders are under 4 oz., you may not receive tracking.

My Swag Bag/Glitter Sub Box says it hasn’t been scanned, how do I track it?

You can’t. Some of these things are out of our hands. We send every package out, sometimes we overwhelm our tiny post office - particularly around swag and sub box time - and they can’t scan every package. If you do not receive your package after one week, please submit a query on our contact page at Littleleeandrose.com.

How do I manage my subscription?

Go onto Littleleeandrose.com and sign into your account. To the right of your order history, you will see your name and directly below that, it says “Manage Subscription”. Click there to pause, change or update your subscription, address or whatever.

How long does shipping take?

We typically ship packages within 3 business days (weekends don’t count☺) of the orders coming in. Remember, we are still a small business, so sometimes around holidays we may be a day behind.

When will I receive my Swag Bag?

Swag Bags are mailed on or around the 15th of every month regardless of when your renewal date is. (If the 15th falls on a weekend, it will be shipped out the next business day)

When will I receive my Glitter Sub Box?

Glitter Sub Boxes are mailed on or around the 1st of every month regardless of when your renewal date is. (If the 1st falls on a weekend, it will be shipped out the next business day)

How do I upgrade from a Gold Swag Bag to a Diamond Swag Bag

Go to LittleLeeandRose.com and sign into your account. Add the Diamond bag to your cart and check out. Then, go back into your account. To the right of your order history is your name. Beneath your name is “Manage Subscription”. Click on Manage Subscription and delete your Gold Swag Bag.

Why did my post get rejected?

If your post was rejected, you probably violated one of our “house rules”. Most commonly, it’s because you either used language or imagery that wasn’t “family friendly” or you were violating copyright rules.

Why can’t I post copyright cups?

Copyright laws are very strict. They will shut down our page lickety-split if we allow posts with cups being sold featuring copyright images such as Disney, Marvel and brand logos. We know you are proud of your tumblers, and we love to see what you’ve made, but if the tumbler is not a PERSONAL cup, you cannot share it with the group. (PERSONAL cups are specifically for you, not a son, daughter, grandparent, best friend or husband, even.)

Who are the moderators?

The moderators are trusted volunteers and friends that have been members for a very long time. They donate their time because they believe in the philosophy of this group, the give-back components, and genuinely love crafting, teaching and engaging with the community. It’s important to treat them respectfully because they are an extension of me and my core team. They make decisions based off of guidance that our team established for the well-being of the community and they consult with us regularly to make sure that we are consistent and fair.

Why can’t I Private Message (PM) other members?

Our Facebook group is a sanctuary for crafters. We don’t want anyone to be pestered by solicitors, hate or others that are pushing their own agendas and products. If you have a question or comment for another member, chances are that 50 other people have the same comment or question, so if we communicate openly, everyone can share in the knowledge.

Do you recommend Cricut or Silhouette machines for creating decals?

I personally use Cricut. I have heard great things about both machines, but I have never owned a Silhouette, so I can’t give advice on how to use it. However, our Facebook group, LittleLee and Rose Tumblers and More has over 30,000 members that can definitely weigh in on the pros and cons of both machines. Ask a question openly in our group!

What is the best place to get advice on crafting?

Our Facebook group, LittleLee and Rose Tumblers and More has over 30,000 members that are experts in all facets of crafting. They are a friendly bunch that are engaged to learn and teach fellow members, so feel free to ask questions openly in our group!

What color glitter do you recommend for beach scene cups…?

If you go onto the website, you can now search by color. In the dropdown menu under products, click on GLITTERS – ALL THE BOYS. You can filter by color there and see all the blues, greens, golds, and custom colors.

What is your favorite color glitter?

Legally, I have to say Ivan, because he’s named after my husband, but I love them all so much. Even the ones I don’t love, ya’ll make me love when I see your beautiful projects or Make Me Love This Glitter™ submissions.

How did you come up with the name LittleLee and Rose?

Little, Lee and Rose are the middle names of my TRIPLET girls.

Why do all of your glitters have boy names?

I always wanted to have 5 boys. When I got pregnant and gave birth to TRIPLET GIRLS, I didn’t have any girl names picked out. So, I decided to name all of my glitters after boy names. Now I get to name ALL THE BOYS.

What is Glitter Gives Back™

I have been helped tremendously along the way, from raising triplets to starting my first business, and now building this amazing company and I’ve always wanted to give back and help others. Glitter Gives Back™ is our chance to do that. Check out our Glitter Gives Back™ page to read about all of the amazing organizations that we’re helping!

Why won't my Coupon / Giftcard work?

Unfortunately coupons and giftcards cannot be used for our subscription products (Swag Bags, Sub Boxes, etc.) These products auto bill monthly through a different processor that does not recognize giftcard codes.